Zinshaus 3.0

siteVienna | AT
taskcompetition entry
sqm2000 sqm

Zinshaus 3.0 suggests the re-typologisation of one of Vienna’s most loved urban building typologies, the Zinshaus. Currently prevailing refurbishment approaches (maximizing floor surface areas and values while compromising spatial and material qualities) cannot meet the demands of a diverse and innovative urban society. Considering the implanted boredom and attached (high) price tags it is suggested to take a fresh approach towards their necessary revitalization.

Zinshaus 3.0 challenges the perception of the traditional Zinshaus and everyday Viennese urban life. Instead of traditional public – private divisions and horizontal organization patterns, the re-tyopologised Zinshaus offers vertical urban environments for different usages. Its programmatic flexibility (commerce, working, living, public, private …) and spatial qualities offer an elastic architecture within a historic envelope.