ODVOR Living and Working

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taskcompetition entry I 2nd place

ODVOR unites most economically concepts of OPENNESS with the qualities of living and working in a PALACE.

ODVOR offers programmatic flexibility to respond to the architectural heritage of Marijin Dvor and the urban context, which is not stabile but in process of transformation.

The extended street zone allows a flexible organization of the building. The unique form makes the building appealing and creates specific topographic qualities. The design promotes communication and exchange.

Units in ODVOR are designed to enable maximum possibilities rather than to fulfil minimum requirements. Units can have various widths (min. 4m) and heights (created by partially removable floor constructions). The standard room height of 2.8 m is appropriate for living and working. The various sizes and qualities of units will attract different types of people and activities; a social mixture is desirable.

The east-west orientation provides the best possible living environment > no units with pure east orientation are created.

The architecture is based on simple details and solid materials. Its minimalist style provides an inspiring basis for the realization of various lifestyles.