Pedestrian crossing

siteMostar | BH
taskcompetition entry I 2nd place

The proposed underground passage with solar balloons fulfills most effectively the tasks of the site, which are safe & attractive pedestrian crossing possibilities and marking the entrance of down town Mostar. Contrary to a bridge (= competition task), the underground passage picks up existing pedestrian flows at the site, protects from extreme weather conditions and offers additional urban qualities.

The multifunctional surface of the passage accommodates programs which are either dispersed above ground (meeting places, fruit stand …) or which are desired to increase the attractiveness of the site(public chess board, playground …). Together with other urban elements (benches, water basin, plants, reflective ceilings and ramps) the passage does not only link two sides, but provides a qualitative environment to rest, meet, shop or simply ride through.

Solar balloons mark the beginning of down town Mostar and signify progress and sustainability. Electricity produced by the solar balloons will be used for lighting of the passage. The balloons combine maximum artistry with maximum efficiency.