Swiss Embassy and Cooperation Office

siteSarajevo | BH
taskdesign, supervision
photos© Anida Kreco

The new premises of the Swiss Embassy and Cooperation Office are located in a refurbished floor of a multi-tenant office building in downtown Sarajevo. The formerly physically separated institutions were merged to maximize synergies between them. The joint premises in Sarajevo are one of the first premises of its kind and used as best practice example for other countries.

The existing premises were refurbished in terms of spatial organization, adaptation of building systems and furnishing.

Departments are distributed in such a way to maximize synergies and communication. General services (administration, conference rooms, recreation / service rooms and the entrance area) are concentrated at various locations. The entrance area is composed of a joint open reception with a general waiting area in front and an open waiting area close to the management. Working places are located along the façade to provide natural light and ventilation. Working places are organized as cubicles and open plan. A modular partitioning system allows for continuous reorganization and optimizations of departments. Glass walls create a sense of unity.

The set-up provides a bright working environment that is flushed by natural light and visual linkages. Representative areas are equipped with distinct design features (red welcome console, reception desk, Le Corbusier chairs …) and accompanied by large format prints. The office cubicle design relies on the color white. Cubicles are brought to life by their various users and their objects they bring along. These objects do not disturb the design but become constituent elements of the space. Every cubicle looks different and tells a story. Some remain minimalistic and some became like gardens.