Chelsea Village Mogadishu

siteMogadishu | SO
taskdesign, general planning services
sqm14000 sqm

Chelsea Village Mogadishu is designed to accommodate staff of international aid agencies. The village is located within the green zone of Mogadishu International Airport, opposite the new terminal that is under construction. The site slopes towards the sea. The village is MOSS compliant.

The village is divided into several blocks (1-7) that accommodate the necessary program. Client’s accommodation and offices are provided by prefab modular units based on 40ft shipping containers. General services are accommodated in permanent structures built on-site.

Accommodation is provided by Club Rooms and Suites. One 40 ft module accommodates 2 Club Rooms or 1 Suite. Club Rooms are designed to provide space for one person sleeping, working, relaxing and hygiene. Suites are designed to provide additional space for meetings and social gatherings.

Prefab modules are designed to enable back to back installation in order to maximize spaces in front of modules. Modules are double and triple stacked. All modules are placed perpendicular to the shore to take advantage of the fresh breeze coming from the sea and the sea views. Modules on Level 2 are accessed via generous terraces. Areas in-between rows and on terraces provide semipublic outside spaces for relaxation, working and social gatherings.

The general planning services covered perimeter security, development of interior designs for modular units, permanent structures including building systems and self-sustaining utility networks such as bore wells, water treatment plant, water reservoirs, septic tanks, generator farm and solar systems.